Teacher Profile: Max Kilcup


Areas of Specialty:

Bass, Guitar, Piano, Songwriting

Max is a bassist, guitarist, pianist, songwriter, and producer who has been playing for over 10 years in many different capacities including variety bands, musical theater, studio sessions, and even lead-in music for President Obama. Max started playing and teaching professionally at 16 while attending the Fort Hayes Career Center. There, he got first-hand experience playing virtually every style of music, though he specializes in Pop, Jazz, Funk, and Alternative. After graduating from Fort Hayes, he attended the Ohio State University for Jazz Studies and English.

Currently, Max is writing and performing with a variety of bands including jazz combos, cover bands, original alternative and R&B acts, and local theater companies when his favorite shows are in production.

In lessons and workshops, students can draw from Max’s eclectic and thorough knowledge of the music industry and what kinds of skill sets are needed for any situation as well as universal practices that can benefit anyone who wants to be successful at music. Whether you’re a beginner trying to jam with their friends, a student preparing to study music in college, an aspiring songwriter, or a pro who wants to expand their skill sets, Max can meet you there and push you to achieve your goals.